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Learning Resources

The following learning resources have been compiled to assist students enrolled in AU French courses or for general reference:

French Literature Resources

Business Language Resources

French Dictionaries & Language Resources

  • The ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary: This French-English/English-French dictionary contains 75,000 terms and is a good source for singleword translation.
  • bab.La.Online dictionary.
  • BBC: The French Experience: Hundreds of links for students of all levels. Several interactive activities are included in the BBC's links to make learning accessible and hands-on.
  • FranceKeys: France Travel Guide (formerly “Bonjour!”): A good starting point for beginning French students. This site offers several Real Audio links to basic French sayings.
  • Civilisation française: Written in French and recommended for users with at least intermediate knowledge of the language. Links include: “La Cuisine”, “Les Ecoles”, “L’Habitat”, and “La Sécurité sociale et la médecine”.
  • English-French On-line Dictionary: This dictionary database contains 10,000 terms.
  • Français pour Voyageurs: Vocabulary in the following areas: basic words, numbers, shopping/dining, travel, directions, places, time and dates. Quizzes and audio clips help visitors improve their vocabulary. To access the French page at Travlang, select the French flag.
  • French Language Course: Nine French lessons including: “Pronunciation Guidelines” (with Windows Media Player sound), “Articles and Genders”, Pronouns and Verbs”, “Adjectives and Plurals”, “Sentence Structure” (including exercises), “The Family”, “Where Do You Come From?” “Comparing”, and “Time”. Links to additional vocabulary, French expressions and idioms, and Le Monde, an interactive French newspaper.
  • Le grand dictionnaire terminologique
  • Heritage College: Resources for teachers or students who are beginning to learn a language.
  • Linguee: A translation tool which shows expressions used in a variety of contexts.
  • Termium: The government of Canada's terminology and linguistic data bank.
  • Travlang’s Translating Dictionaries: French to English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Latin, and Esperanto translation.
  • Verb Conjugation: Conjugates verbs in the present, simple past, future, conditional, imperfect, and subjunctive tense.

Cultural and General Interest Resources

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